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Thursday, May 24, 2001

MIT :: Dino :: Dinosaur Robots For Sale
Matthew Herper,, 05.23.01, 3:00 PM ET

NEW YORK - Clink. Clink. Troody, a small robot dinosaur, walks across Peter Dilworth's desk, jangling as if she has loose change in her pockets. Dilworth, Troody's creator, hopes the pigeon-sized robot will be mother to a whole race of dinosaur-like robots that will walk around museums, entertaining and educating children.

He is in the process of starting a company, Dinosaur Robots, to commercialize such robots. Dilworth built Troody on a shoestring at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, spending about $500,000 over five years to create a two-legged robot that can put one foot in front of the other in a lifelike way. Companies like Sony and Honda have thrown hundreds of millions of dollars at that same holy grail.


Wednesday, May 23, 2001 Business News
Creator of robotic dog sees robots becoming partners for humans

TOKYO (AP) - Sony's robot master remakes man's best friend in plastic and microchips and hopes to imbue his machines with a sort of soul, their autonomy showing us something of our own minds.

But Toshi Doi, the father of Sony's popular robotic dog, AIBO, doesn't see a future in which robots equal humans. He sees them evolving into important partners. And he believes AIBO, which means partner, is a first step in that direction.