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Thursday, March 28, 2002

BBC - Science - Robot World - Gallery
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Robodex: Humanoid robots strut their stuff
Thursday 28 March 2002
Robodex 2002, the world's only exhibition devoted to entertainment robots, begins today in Tokyo.
This year's Robodex not only focuses on robots for entertainment, but robots that can co-exist and work in a human society. These include robots that educate kids, assist people who need medical support and can stand watch and guard the inside of a building at night.

Wednesday, March 27, 2002

Japan Today Japan News - Picture Of The Day - Humanoid robot "Posy"
Tuesday, March 26, 2002 at 09:30 JST

Humanoid robot "Posy," jointly designed and developed by Silicon Graphics Inc (SGI) Japan and robot designer Tatsuya Matsui, is unveiled in Tokyo Monday.

Sanyo unveils security robots
Mar. 25 OSAKA, Japan
Sanyo's Robot Guard

Sanyo Electric Co. unveils two models of a prototype security robot March 25. The robots, jointly developed with venture business Tmsuk Inc., have a built-in sound sensor enabling users to control their moves via mobile phone and a built-in camera to capture images of their surroundings.

Japan's Sanyo creates robot guard-dog 25 March 2002 1903 hrs (SST) 1103 hrs (GMT)
Japanese consumer electronics maker Sanyo Electric has created a robot guard-dog that can challenge burglars and take pictures of them with a camera fitted in its nose.
It has been refered to as a utility robot.
"Our robot is connected to a third-generation mobile phone. You can see your house on your mobile phone screen via the robot and ensure home safety," said a Sanyo spokesman.

Robot Guard Dog Unveiled
Last Updated: 12:38 UK, Tuesday March 26, 2002
Robot Guard

A prototype of a robot guard dog, which could revolutionise security in homes or offices, has been unveiled in Japan.
The four-legged robot can roam through buildings under the command of a security control centre or homewowner, to check the building is secure.