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Wednesday, September 05, 2001

||| AIBO Homepage |||
AIBO "ERS-311 / ERS-312"

Latte & Macaron

-Mode indicator
-Horn light
-Stereo microphone
-Distance sensor
-Color camera
-Paw switches
-Back light
-Pause button
-Tail switch

Mass Approx. 1.5 kg (3 lb 3 oz) (including the battery pack and the "Memory Stick")
Dimensions Approx. 177 ' 280 ' 240 mm ( 6 ' 11 1 / 8 ' 9 7 / 8 inches) (w/h/d)
CPU64bitRISC processor
Main Memory32MB SDRAM
Supplied application media"Memory Stick" for AIBO
Movable PartsHead3 degrees of freedom(PAN x 1 TILT x 2)
Legdegrees of freedom x 4

15 degrees of freedom in total
Inputs : Charging terminal
Input Switches : VOLUME switch
Visual Input : 100,000 pixel CMOS image sensor
Audio Input : Stereo microphone
Audio Output : Speaker
Internal sensors : Infrared distance sensor
Acceleration sensor
Switches in the head, on the tail(ibi-axis analog), and on the paws( x 4)
Inclination sensor
Vibration sensor
Power consumption : Approx. 5W
Operable duration : Approx. 2.5 hours
Dimensions : Approx. 177 x 280 x 240mm
Mass : Approx. 1.5kg (incl.battery pack and "memory stick")
Operating temperature : 5C to 35C
Operating humidity : 10% to 80%
Storage temperature : -20C to 60C
Storage humidity : 10% to 90%

||| AIBO Homepage |||
Say hello to the new AIBO LM series! LATTE & MACARON are the latest AIBO Entertainment Robots. They are your new robot companions with the ability to communicate with their four senses touch, sight, hearing and balance. For AIBO, it's main unit is just body without heart. In that case, AIBO will repeat simple basic movement.(*)
AIBO needs "heart" which is Memory Stick's AIBO-ware for deciding it's function and characteristics. There are 2 types of AIBO-ware which are "AIBO Pal" and "AIBO Life".

Ananova - Age of humanoid robots is nigh, says expert
Story filed: 17:03 Monday 3rd September 2001
An android expert says walking humanoid robots with legs and arms will be part of society by the year 2050.
[...] - News - Investor - News - Story
Sony unveils new robo-pups to play with AIBO

9/4/01 9:00 PM
Source: Reuters
By Jan Paschal

In Japan, where Sony Corp. plans a similar "birth announcement" for ivory-colored Latte and charcoal gray-colored Macaron, there will be a marketing twist.
[same article as below]

Sony unveils new robo-pups to play with Aibo (9/04/2001)
NEW YORK, Sept 5 (Reuters)

Move over, Aibo. Make room in your robo-kennel for two playmates -- Latte and Macaron, the new robotic Aibo puppies unveiled on Wednesday by Sony Electronics Inc.'s unit, Entertainment Robot America.

Monday, September 03, 2001

Next-generation Lego robots
Updated Invention System makes programming easier
By Brian Bergstein


So the chance to make my own robot at home with the new version 2.0 of the Lego Mindstorms Robotics Invention System sounded awfully appealing.
Mindstorms, recommended for ages 12 and up, uses the familiar Lego interlocking plastic blocks that have entertained generations of children (and budding architects).