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Tuesday, October 08, 2002


MARON-1: Main Specifications
Dimensions: 32 x 36 x 32 cm
Weight:5 kg
Operable parts:2 powered wheels (left, right); 1 rotating arm; 2-way movable camera head (pan, tilt). 5 degrees of freedom
Sensors:1 Infrared sensor/emitter (for operating electronics by remote); 2 cameras, 1 proximity sensor
User interface:1 touchpad; 5 menu keys; 2 function keys; 1 4" LCD monitor; 1 microphone; 1 speaker
Operating system:WinCE 3.0
Expansion interfaces:1 USB (host); 1 PC card slot; 1 RS-232C port (for maintenance); 1 DC-IN connector
Battery type:NiMH (in main unit)
Run time per charge:12 hours (*2)
Accessory:AC adapter

Cell phone controlled robot unveiled
Japan's Fujitsu Laboratories has developed a new robot for the home, the MARON-1, which can be remotely controlled by a cell phone to operate home electronic appliances or monitor household security. The ambulatory prototype robot is equipped with a wide range of functions, including telephone, camera, remote control, timer and surveillance equipment. With these features, for example, it is envisioned that MARON-1 could be used for monitoring homes or offices at night or for checking up on persons requiring special care and monitoring. Fujitsu will be presenting details on the new robot at the Japan Robot Conference, opening October 12, 2002 at Osaka University.

Monday, October 07, 2002

Google Search: robots
NEW tool : it's now possible to search news sites with Google.
After,, or, Google provides quite powerfull tool to search very last news (few minutes).
Have a look! turned off by robots
Friday, October 04 2002
by Ciaran Buckley
Americans could turn against robots, after it emerged that the machines designed to be low-cost servants are increasingly taking the place of older workers.
These findings are contained in a new report, by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), which reports a 17 percent fall in robot investment in the United States in 2001. By contrast, British and Spanish investment in robots increased last year by 26 percent and 22 percent respectively.

From Evolution Communication Dept

Evolution Robotics announced that the ER1 personal robot system will be available in retail stores in time for the holidays. In connection, Evolution Robotics has planned over 200 demos of ER1 across the U.S., where curious consumers, robot hobbyists and journalists are welcome to get to know ER1 up close and personal.

If you haven't heard, ER1 is the first in a line of autonomous personal robots that invite users to transform their laptops into mobile robots by assembling the robot's aluminum frame and loading easy-to-use software.

Users can instruct their robot to respond to voice commands, take photographs of its environment and send them to an email address, play music from a CD it recognizes, read books from pre-recordings and send reminders to its owner.

For a close encounter with ER1, log on to:, and find out when ER1 is coming to a city near you.
[link to press release (rtf)]