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Thursday, September 04, 2003

Sony to unleash new AIBO robo-dog :

Sony Launches Third Generation AIBO Entertainment Robot

Futuristic Floppy-Eared Canine Offers More Functionality and Utilitarian Features

SAN DIEGO, Sept. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Entertainment Robot America (ERA), the division of Sony Electronics Inc. (SEL) responsible for the iconic series of autonomous AIBO(R) Entertainment Robots, announced today that it is delivering a highly-evolved, floppy-eared, third generation robotic dog.
Available in pearlescent white, the newly designed, futuristic ERS-7 AIBO model provides the greatest degree of autonomous behavior and functionality to date. It features a faster CPU, a higher resolution camera and twice as much memory as its predecessors.

Sony licenses optical technology for robots - The Economic Times

LOS ANGELES: Robotics technology company Evolution Robotics Inc. on Tuesday said it had licensed its visual-recognition software to the unit of Sony Corp. that produces the Japanese conglomerate's Aibo robots.
Privately held Evolution Robotics, based in Pasadena, California, said Sony's Entertainment Robot Co. would use the 'ER Vision' software in future 'entertainment robots.

Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Australian IT - Robot pets take off in Asia (Sholto Macpherson, SEPTEMBER 02, 2003)
Sholto Macpherson
SEPTEMBER 02, 2003

HUMANS have always wanted pets, but many baulk at the responsibility of walking and cleaning up after a dog once it has grown out of puppyhood.
Although robotic pets lack a heartbeat and a wet tongue, they have found a home in Asia, where most living pets are incompatible with high-rise lifestyles.
The standard artificial intelligence software in most robots runs through a programmed life cycle in which behaviour depends upon the treatment meted out by its owner.
If ignored, a robot will become lethargic and throw a ball around; it wants to play.
Every action and response is recorded in the onboard memory, which remembers the robot's developing personality, moods and any tricks it has been taught.
Robot pets have come in various forms, from cats to fluffy mouse-like creatures, but the most popular form has remained the dog.