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Monday, September 08, 2003

Sony Dream World
Making a worldwide debut in the robotics area is the latest AIBO robot, the ERS-7, which boasts a charismatic new design and advanced levels of connectivity and functionality. The prototype biped robot the 'QRIO' is making its European debut, an artificially intelligent device that adapts its performance to its environment and develops skills based on sense, memory and learning. The four-legged AIBOs are starring in a real soccer match where visitors can pitch their skills by commanding a team of three AIBO's from a VAIO PC which are playing against a team of completely autonomous AIBO's.

Sony Global | QRIO

It is the product of cutting edge artificial intelligence and dynamics technology.
An entertainment robot that lives with you, makes life fun, makes you happy.
Its name is QRIO.
QRIO can gather information and move around on its own accord.
QRIO not only walks on two legs, it can also manage uneven surfaces,
dance, recognize people's faces and voices, and carry on conversation.
QRIO is eager to be friends with people.