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Thursday, June 09, 2005


HAL: "Robot Suit HAL (Hybrid Assistive Limb)"
Univ. of Tsukuba

We developed the exo-skeleton type power assist system to realize the walking aid for the gait disorder person.
At the present time, HAL-3 is state of the art power assist system in the world.
Some sensors such as angle sensors, myoelectrical sensors, floor sensors etc. are adopted in order to obtain the condition of the HAL and the operator.
All of the motordrivers, measurement system, computer, wireless LAN, and power supply are built in the backpack.
Using the battery attached on the waist, HAL works as the complete wearable system.

Robotory's Photo Album Update !
HAL 3 & 5 !

Japan unveils "robot suit" that enhances human power - Yahoo! News
Tue Jun 7,10:14 AM ET

TOKYO (AFP) - Japan has taken a step into the science-fiction world with the release of a 'robot suit' that can help workers lift heavy loads or assist people with disabilities climb stairs.
'Humans may be able to mutate into supermen in the near future,' said Yoshiyuki Sankai, professor and engineer at Tsukuba University who led the project.
The 15-kilogram (33-pound) battery-powered suit, code-named HAL-5, detects muscle movements through electrical-signal flows on the skin surface and then amplifies them.
It can also move on its own accord, enabling it to help elderly or handicapped people walk, developers said.
The prototype suit will be displayed at the World Exposition that is currently taking place in Aichi prefecture, central Japan.

New Scientist Technology - Bionic suit offers wearers super-strength
09 April 2005
Exclusive from New Scientist Print Edition
John Boyd

A ROBOT suit has been developed that could help older people or those with disabilities to walk or lift heavy objects.
Dubbed HAL, or hybrid assistive limb, the latest versions of the suit will be unveiled this June at the 2005 World Expo in Aichi, Japan, which opened last month. A commercial product is slated for release by the end of the year.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Advanced Robotics E-Symposium - AdRob 2005 - 6 July 2005
The International Federation of Robotics is hosting the 1st International Advanced Robotics Web Conference. This groundbreaking 'e-vent' is designed to stimulate global knowledge sharing amongst professionals who have an interest in/are involved with personal robotics, mobile robotics and service robotics.

The online nature of the E-Symposium means that attendees can access live presentations by world-renowned experts from the comfort of their own workplace. The live event also allows participants to engage in Q&A sessions and chat with industry colleagues via the chatroom. Professionals who are not able to attend will be able to access the presentation archive which will be made available 24 hours after the live event.

To register free of charge and to view the program, please visit