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Tuesday, May 07, 2002

ZDNet |UK| - News - Story - Sony lets Aibo off the lead
10:06 Tuesday 7th May 2002

In a change of policy towards independent developers, Sony is to release software that allows Aibo owners to modify their electronic pets
Who says you can't teach an old robotic dog new tricks?
As of next month, Sony will offer free software kits for its plastic pet dog, called Aibo, which will give owners many more training options.
Aibo will even be able to meow rather than bark.

Chicago Tribune | For some, robot dogs are nearly real thing
By Eric A. Taub
New York Times News Service
Published May 6, 2002

LOS ANGELES -- Diane wasn't well. Sadly, she was suffering from DHS. Her owner, Harry Brattin, placed a white muffler around her neck and separated her from the rest of his brood. She sat quietly on a metal desk in the meeting room while the others scampered around the floor playing.
So one day recently, as scores of elderly Russian immigrants sat among the trees in Plummer Park here, playing chess and chastising their Americanized grandchildren in their native tongue, Brattin and 14 other Aibo owners met in a community room in the park, primping and preening their robots, giving them commands in English and scolding them when they got into mischief.


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