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Thursday, November 08, 2001

SONY :: ERS-220
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  • Aibo transforms from poodle to bulldog - Tech News -
    By Reuters
    November 7, 2001, 12:00 p.m. PT


    NEW YORK--Only time will tell if he's truly bad to the bone. But the newest incarnation of Aibo, unveiled on Wednesday by Japan-based consumer electronics giant Sony, is designed with more virtual male hormone running through its circuitry than the playful robotic pups that sold out when they first went on the market in 1999.

    "We like to call him 'Mr. 220' with attitude," said Stuart Wallock, director of marketing and business planning for Entertainment Robot America, a unit of Sony Electronics. "He's maybe a little more macho" than the previous Aibo robots, including the roly-poly Latte and Macaron robots launched in early September.

    A Programmable Dog That Will Bite Back
    November 8, 2001
    When Sony came out with its first four- legged Aibo robot in 1999, a lot of people thought that it was awfully cute. The latest Aibo, officially called ERS-220, is designed to look a little more menacing. Its eyes flash and it growls like an engine. The design is based on a revving race car, said Jon Piazza, a Sony spokesman, who described the new Aibo as "a Terminator type of guy" (minus the salty vocabulary).

    The Register Sony's next gen Aibo dogs hit market
    By James Watson
    Posted: 08/11/2001 at 15:11 GMT

    Sony has showed off its third generation Aibo robotic dog. Canine V3 features more sensors for interaction, more LEDs for a wider emotional range, new behavioural patterns and upgraded control software.

    Tuesday, November 06, 2001

    ATUKO - ASTAR NO1 - Features
    More info...

    Specs ASTAR - ATUKO
    Specifics ASTAR-NO1
    * Body
    * Head
    * Leg x 2
    * Arms x 2

    Freedom of Motion
    * Head - 2 DOF (Degrees of Freedom)
    * Legs - 3 DOF
    * Arms - 3 DOF
    * Hand - 1 DOF
    * Foot - 2 DOF
    * Total 20 DOF

    * 566 MHz RISC Processor
    * 128 MB RAM
    * 4 GB Harddisk
    * ASTAR "Expansion Module" Slot
    * PC Card slot Type2 In/Out
    * 1 Fire Wire
    * 2 USB
    * 56K modem
    * AC IN Power Supply connector Input

    * Infrared Distance Sensor
    * Acceleration Sensor
    * Audio Sensor
    * Battery condition

    Power Consumption
    * Approx. 9W (Normal use in auto-dance mode)

    Operating Time
    * Approx. 45 Mins on 1 Lithium Ion Battery pack
    * Approx. 110 Mins with AC Adapter (ASTAR goes into stand-by mode after 120 mins to avoid overheating )

    Operating Temperature
    * 41F to 95F (5°C to 35°C)

    Operating Humidity
    * 10% to 80%

    Dimensions and Weight
    * Size (WxHxL) 10.48" (W) x 32.21" (H) x 8.36" (L)
    * Weight (5.7kg)

    Supplied Accessories
    * AC adapter
    * Power Station
    * Lithium Ion Battery pack
    * Dance Mat
    * Documentation
    * Carrying Bag
    * Airport compatible card

    Estimated Price
    $15,000.00 (¥1,757,700.00 )

    Sales Target
    50 units until 10/2002