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Thursday, March 07, 2002 Pentagon in search for robot GIs
By Nick Farrell [07-03-2002]
The US Army is on the hunt for a private contractor to build war droids. Dubbed 'Future Combat Systems', the robots will be used to deploy sophisticated weapons in war zones to limit human casualties.

No Robots in Robot Bar
By Steve Kettmann
2:00 a.m. March 7, 2002 PST


BERLIN -- A tiny automated bar in Berlin's hip Mitte District has attracted attention far and wide, thanks to an Internet posting this month urging people "(to) visit the Automaten Bar to have a drink served by a robot."
One small problem: As cutting-edge as the lounge is, patrons will work up quite a thirst if they wait to be served by a robot.
"We all laughed at that," said Torsten Oetken, one of nine organizers. "There are no robots."

Ananova - Child-sized robot goes on display


Pino, a child-sized robot, has been shown off at the Science Museum in London after a 10,000 mile flight from Japan.

K-Team :: Koala Robot

Koala is a mid-size robot designed for real-world applications.[...]capable of carrying larger accessories, Koala has the functionality necessary for use in practical applications (like sophisticated battery management), rides on 6 wheels for indoor all-terrain operation, and sports stylish bodywork for attractive demonstrations.
These products have been used across a variety of domains: Research, Education and Entertainment.