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Thursday, July 24, 2003

Japanese scientists invent dancing robot
Story filed: 11:04 Thursday 17th July 2003

Japanese scientists have developed a dancing robot that can follow a human dancer's lead.

Professor Kazuhiro Kosuge, leader of the Tohoku University team that developed the robot, says future versions will be able to move in sync with humans.

The MS DanceR (Mobile Smart Dance Robot) predicts the dancer's next move through hand pressure applied to its arms and back.

Robot shark gives aquarium a buzz

The robot shark is operated by remote control
The world's only robotic swimming shark is moving into an aquarium in Devon, along with four live sharks.

The two metre (6 ft 6 in) long creature, called Roboshark2, will spend up to three years alongside sand tiger sharks at the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth.

Modelled on the Pacific Grey reef shark, the robot swims using a combination of sensors and thrusters.

Aquarium staff will monitor the sharks' reaction to their robotic companion to learn more about their behaviour and intelligence.