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Thursday, July 26, 2001

Aibo to protect Smithsonian - Tech News -
By Richard Shimblank
Special to CNET
July 18, 2001, 1:20 p.m. PT

Amanda Pehlke of Seattle donated her Aibo, named Toshi, to the Smithsonian because its represents the first robot that found its way into American homes. Toshi will be placed in the robotic collection of the Smithsonian and will join Sony's other Smithsonian resident in the museum, a Walkman.

The Times :: Cheeky role for 7in robot

THE world’s first interactive wireless robot was unveiled yesterday and at £49.99 looks likely to become a popular gift at Christmas.
Ir-V, also known as Internet Robot Project V, is the first toy that can be controlled at the click of a mouse without wires attaching it to a computer. It is 7in high, uses Wireless Interaction Technology to download instructions from its website, dances, avoids obstacles and speaks foreign languages.

Tuesday, July 24, 2001

TNR Online | TRB From Washington: Only Human by Andrew Sullivan
Post date 07.19.01 | Issue date 07.30.01
In one of the creepiest scenarios in Steven Spielberg and Stanley Kubrick's new movie A.I., there is something called a Flesh Fair. In this sci-fi fantasy, human beings have developed technology so refined that they can create mechanical humans that appear almost as real as organic ones. These "mechas" are essentially a slave class: They perform chores, replace lost children, even have their body parts distributed for various uses. At Flesh Fairs, mechas are displayed and killed for amusement, their body parts sometimes traded and reused.

Monday, July 23, 2001

Spy-Cye Technology
Spy-Cie maps indoor area where you want to be but can't, and takes you there to hear and see


Spy-Cye is a PC controlled personal robot. It's ten pounds heavy, sixteen inches wide and will run around your area as you drag it on screen with your mouse. It communicates to your PC through two radio links. One link transfers robot data and the other carries live video and sound to your PC. Through this link you can see and hear what the robot sees and hears. Spy-Cye can seek out your web connection and connect through it at your command. You supply a user name and password, then from any browser anywhere, you can go to and log into your robot, send it to any destination on your map and see and hear through it.