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Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Wired News: Robots Invade San Francisco
By Lore Sjöberg
02:00 AM Mar. 23, 2004 PT

Over 400 robots rolled, walked, climbed and strutted their stuff at the first Robolympics this past weekend in San Francisco's Fort Mason. Engineers and school kids, coming from as far away as Korea and Belgium, brought their creations to compete in contests of strength, agility and intelligence.
The biggest draw was the battling bots. Armed machines with names like 'Max Wedge' and 'First Abe Lincoln on the Moon' met in a closed arena to rend each other appendage from appendage. Often resembling murderous pizza boxes, the contestants were divided into weight classes ranging from 340-pound behemoths to one pound and below.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

BBC NEWS | UK | Wales | A Grand plan for brainy robots
By Nick Dermody
BBC News Online Wales

Day trip from home: Steve Grand takes Lucy to his lecture

On a good day, Lucy can tell a banana apart from an apple.
And that's handy skill to have if you are an orang-utan. Even a robotic one.
It might not sound like much to a too-clever-to-know-it human like you or me, but it represents pioneering work in the field of artificial intelligence.
And it is all down to one man working alone for years - in his garage - because his mind is fired up by the power of the brain.