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Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Robotory's Photo Album Update
A lot of new pictures coming from Robodex web sites!

Robots become family friends
AFP - Japanese scientists are trying to make robots part of the family rather than automated servants -- by improving their ability to communicate with their human owners, according to exhibitors at the Robodex 2003 robot fair in Japan.
This year's fair, in the port city of Yokohama, has been dominated more than ever by humanoids -- robots based on the human form, some of which can even walk on two legs, like Honda's ASIMO or Sony's agile SDR4-X II.
Honda has until now concentrated on perfecting the naturalistic movements of its 1.20-metre-tall and 52-kg android, but is now interested in its capacity to interact with humans, a Honda representative at the fair said.
The latest version of its ASIMO understands about 100 words and can recognise voices and faces.
The robot has already found itself a place in the job market and works as a receptionist, for annual fee of Y20 million ($A280,000), at nine companies including IBM Japan and the Takashimaya department store chain.