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Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Kurt3D - An Autonomous Mobile Robot for Modelling the World in 3D
by Hartmut Surmann, Andreas Nuechter, Kai Lingemann and Joachim Hertzberg

Kurt3D is an autonomous mobile robot equipped with a reliable and precise 3D laser scanner that digitalizes environments. High quality geometric 3D maps with semantic information are automatically generated after the exploration by the robot.
Precise digital 3D models of indoor environments are needed in several applications, eg, facility management, architecture, rescue and inspection robotics. Autonomous mobile robots equipped with a 3D laser range finder are well suited for gaging the 3D data. We have equipped the autonomous mobile robot KURT2 and a mobile 3D laser range finder for the automatic generation of compact and precise 3D models. The proposed method consists of four steps.